david miller


I never know what to write for something like this.  How do I describe myself to someone who has never met me?  I guess I will use the answer that is my "go to" when someone asks me what I do for a living:  I tell them that I teach, I preach and I hang out with people.  That basically sums up my professional life, as a pastor.   

Marko & Maggie Sumney

The Ultimate Power couple

Marko ad Maggie are literally the heart and soul of Beneva.  Marko takes care of the buildings and grounds and Maggie runs the office.  Pastor David jokes that he runs the church on Sundays, but Maggie and Marko run the church every other day of the week!  Seriously, we wouldn't be who we are today, without the love, dedication and service of these two special people.  

cindy mcdowell

little disciples preschool director

Through all the ups and downs of ministry, here at Beneva, there has been one constant - Little Disciples Preschool.  When the church was struggling, the preschool thrived.  As the church continues to wrestle with who we are, the preschool already knows.  A big reason for this lasting success has been the leadership of Cindy. 

jim dilmore

chairman of the board

When Jim isn't out catching the big one, he serves Beneva.  He keeps us organized, up and running.  He makes sure the "I's" are dotted and that the "T's" are crossed.  The ministry of the Board Chair is a "keep us on track" ministry.  And Jim is great at it!

Jon & Tanya hart

Technology & Music

Jon handles our technology - livestreaming, computers, internet and Sunday morning services.  He's wicked smart!  Tanya handles our music and leads the Praise Band.  She keeps us singing and worshiping!