Faith Raising Capital Campaign - "Stronger Together Building For The Future"

What's the difference between Fundraising and Faith Raising?  
Fundraising, in a nutshell, asks individuals to give, out of a sense of obligation, towards a specific cause.  A cause that one may or may not really care about.  
Faith Raising, on the other hand, invites you to invest in a community/world changing vision, with the expectation of a GOD sized impact!  
Faith Raising rises above the guilt of “Donation Obligation”.  
Faith Raising is rooted in the invitation to participate in a "Vision and Promise".

Our Goal

We believe that God will provide the necessary needs of the church.  That whatever we give, with a giving heart, will be multiplied through God's grace.  Our goal is to raise $165,000 over the next two-years, above and beyond our normal monthly expenses.  This money will be used to update The Sanctuary, Little Disciples Preschool, The Worship Center and the campus grounds.  We will also establish a reserve fund to maintain and repair our physical plant in the years to come.

What's The Money For?

Little Disciples Preschool - $43,900
Wooden Playground Pavilion - $400
Replace fencing in two areas - $800
Install a sail shade for the outdoor classroom - $700
A new roof for the preschool building - $42,000

The Sanctuary - $76,000
2 air conditioning units - $14,000
Repair/Update The Sanctuary - $52,000
Window/Door replacement in Pastor's office - $10,000

The Worship Center - $25,500
New flooring - $23,000
Camera wall mounts - $300
Colorwash LED back lighting - $1,600
Misc cables - $600

Campus Grounds - $2,000
Upgrade Parking Lot lighting - $2,000

As of June 16 2024 we have raised $34,180- Thank You!