MeeTing - Walking

Impacting - Transforming


You did it!  You're checking out a church.  Now, you might be someone who has been to church all of your life or you might be someone who hasn't darkened the doorstep of a church in years.  Or you might be someone who has never gone to church.  All of that doesn't matter.  For whoever you are and wherever you are, you find yourself right here, right now.  

Welcome to Beneva Christian.  Settle in.  Take some time.  Watch a worship service.  Listen to one of Pastor David's podcasts.  Read today's devotion...  All of this is for you and for me, so just wait and see!

Recent Worship

Is Beneva Christian a good fit for me?  Let's face it, that's the question you want answered, before you even walk in the door!  Well, a great way to get your answer is to watch our latest worship.  

See for yourself.  Oh, and we guarantee that worship is always better live.  But, at least, you'll get an idea of who we are.

Service Time

Sunday Mornings 

10:30 AM

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